One way of blessing Agapé Christian Church is to arrange for a gift from your estate.  Prior to the time when you are basking in the glory of the Risen Savior, you can establish our church as a beneficiary of your estate along with your children, loved ones and other charitable organizations.  You can earmark a portion of the proceeds of your liquidated estate assets to Agapé Christian Church in your Will and Trust.

Each estate plan is different.  Rather than give an example, we would encourage you to sit down with your legal and financial advisors to establish your own individual estate plan and to see if our church fits with your goals.  Your advisors will express your estate plan in your Will and may establish a Trust to guide the liquidation of your estate and the distribution of the proceeds.

Some have found it advantageous tax-wise to establish living trusts and to distribute some estate assets while they are still alive.  Again, discuss this with your legal and financial advisors, and certainly with your children and loved ones.

If you have any questions about the information on this page or how to do any of the options on this page, please talk to Pastor Roger Monsma for help.

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