Agape Kids

Tips for a
spiritually meaningful interaction
with your kids:

- Gather your family and bibles.
- Put toys and screens away and sit down around the table together.
- Pray and invite the Holy Spirit to come fill your home.
- Don’t expect this time to go “perfectly”. It won’t. Don’t be afraid of a bit of chaos.
- Open your bibles and read a Psalm together.
- If your kids can read, have them each take a turn! Even if your kiddos are toddlers, have them “follow along” in their bible and ask if they want a turn “reading” out loud.
- Ask your kids if anything in particular stood out to them from the reading. It may be like pulling teeth, but you also may be surprised by their answers! They don’t always   totally get it but at least they are understanding that God’s word is something important and relates us to Him.
- Share something brief that stood out to you.
- Pray about what you feel God is doing in your kids and home.