Agape Volunteer Hub

Monumental VBS

Point Person: Leslie
Agape is a excited to be hosting Vacation Bible School once again with our friends from Westwood Church of God! We need all the help we can get to make this a MONUMENTAL part of the summer!

VBS Donations

Point Person: Leslie
Please join our efforts to collect the supplies needed for VBS this summer! You can sign up for specific items here.
Please drop off items on by Sunday, June 12th.

Coffee Team

Point Person: Lou/Shane
Join the welcome team as a coffee team member! Pick up pastries and make coffee on Sunday mornings before the service starts. We'd love to continue greeting our church attendees in this way!

Tech Team Training

Point Person: Dayle
The tech team is seeking volunteers ready and willing to learn how to run lights, video for streaming, and presentation of lyrics and media. Sign up for training to see if the tech team is a good fit for you!

Edison Initiatives

Point Person: Ed/Dave
Agape is partnering with local churches and Edison Initiatives to create housing opportunities in Kalamazoo. Please contact us for more info on how to get involved with home renovations.

Event Cleanup

Point Person: Dayle
We love to share our building and bless the church and community with it! Occasionally we need extra cleaning and organizing. If you're interested in being contacted when we have extra needs, click here!

Food Pantry

Point Person: Kara

Where can I help?

Point Person: Dayle
The Agape Food Pantry serves our community once a month, on the last Wednesday, but there are other ways you can get involved!
We are in need of a volunteer to carry guest's groceries out when they are finished shopping. One Wed/month, 5pm-6pm.
If the listed positions and needs aren't a good fit for you but you'd like to serve in some capacity, tap or click here! We'd love to hear about your interests, skills, and passions.
Varied times & jobs, your choice as needs arise.